Thursday, March 26, 2015

Computer Lab Time!

Today we are going to play a variety of math and reading games. Click on the links below to play!

Complete this Area/Perimeter Interactive Lesson First!

Area Excavator

Shoot the Perimeter!

Figurative Language Baseball

Fun Poem Game

After you have tried each of these 5 games, you may log-on to

Have a super weekend!

Figurative Language Read Alouds

Hi, friends! We have been learning a lot about figurative language. Similes, Metaphors, Hyperbole, Personification, and Onomatopoeia are all examples of figurative language. Can you remember an example that would illustrate the meaning of each of those words?

Today we are going to listen to this read aloud of Tar Beach. While you listen, see if you can identify examples of Metaphors. If you find one, pause your video and record it on a sticky note. Remember, metaphors compare two unlike objects WITHOUT using like or as!

Tar Beach

Then, if you still have time, listen to this read aloud of  White Snow, Bright Snow and listen for examples of similes. Remember, similes are made when an author compares to unlike objects and does use the words like, as, or than. When you find one, you can record it on your sticky note an post it for Ms. Naylor and I to see.

Happy hunting!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Follow the Drinking Gourd

We have been working hard in 3rd grade learning how to compare and contrast! One way we can do that is by exploring different types of texts. By clicking the link below, you will hear a story read aloud titled Follow the Drinking Gourd. After listening to this, we hope you will help us compare and contrast its main character, Peg Leg Joe with a real-life hero we will read about later on this week named Harriet Tubman.

As you listen, think of the ways Peg Leg Joe and Harriet may be similar and how they may be different. Also, listen carefully to the song that is sung throughout the story. Figure out how it helped slaves escape to freedom!


Follow the Drinking Gourd- Read aloud by Morgan Freeman