Monday, January 6, 2014

....and we're back!

Today was our first day back from winter break. The children were excited and so was I! We all came back tired but ready to learn. Today we started right off with reviewing our PBIS procedures and got right down to work. Have I told you we have a TON to learn?

In reading this week we are reviewing sequencing and using text evidence to support our answers and claims. In math we are also reviewing how to solve word problems and partition shapes. Geometry has been harder for some students that have difficulty with spatial visualization. Here is an example of our math problems of the day today. Feel free to review concepts like this at home when you have a chance!
1.Which term best describes closed plane figures with four sides?

  a. Polygons

  b. Quadrilaterals

  c. Rectangles

  d. Squares

2. Partition a circle into sixths.

3. What fraction of the shape is green? 
Your child has an account on: to practice these and many other math skills. Please have them log-on when you can!

Thanks for reading!

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